Wil Reid and Langdon Reid

This recording of “Ready For The Times To Get Better” is a crossroad, where classic country meets modern Americana. Wilson Fairchild, Wil and Langdon Reid, teamed up with Grammy-winning songwriter Gordon Kennedy to produce a song so unique it has no genre. “Ready For The Times To Get Better” has a winning groove and a gypsy feel that leaves you wanting to hear it again. Inspired by the original version from Crystal Gayle, this recording took the song in a whole new direction.


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Wilson Fairchild
Wilson Fairchild
This came up in our #YouTube recommendations so we thought we would share. Joe Diffie was one of the greats. #WhatAreYouWatching #RememberingThoseWeHavelost #WashYourHands #StaySafe #WilsonFairchild
Wilson Fairchild
Friday Morning Conversation with Joe Diffie and His Wife
The legendary Joe Diffie tells us stories about George Jones, what his old songs remind him of and he introduces us to his new bride. 👉 Listen to the Bobby B...
Wilson Fairchild
Wilson Fairchild
Just like y'all, we're bummed about the delay of #MajorLeagueBaseball. We love this game! So, I (Langdon) have come up with my baseball fantasy team of Country Music people. I'll challenge Wil to come up with his, too. And hopefully you can offer some others to sub in when some of these are on the bench. Or your own team. Here is my team!

MANAGER - Bill Anderson (I wanna hear him whisper out the umpire!)
PITCHER - Tim McGraw(C'mon, his dad, Tug, pitched in the Bigs for 20 years)
CATCHER - #RichardSterban (He's the official team ambassador of the Nashville Sounds, and he caught in high school)
1st BASE - Darryl Worley(gotta have a tall target at first. Dude is like 8 foot 12!)
2nd BASE - Crystal Gayle (just wanna see her trying to get all that hair up under her cap)
3rd BASE - #CharleyPride (he won the Jackie Robinson Lifetime Achievement Award...and he's got an arm!)
SHORTSTOP - #BillCody (not sure about his skills but I bet he can trash talk the other team like a champ!)
LEFT FIELD - Carrie Underwood(well, since she sings the theme to Sunday Night Baseball. Wait...what?)
CENTER FIELD - Mark Wills (he's a Braves fan, sang the National Anthem at Turner Field, and is mad he's not Dale Murphy)
RIGHT FIELD - Garth Brooks (went 1-for-22 when he was with the Padres...so he's good for at least 1 hit!)
DESIGNATED HITTER - Aaron Tippin (hoss has gotta be able to tag one with those arms!)
PINCH RUNNER - Jeannie Seely ('cause you need speed on the bases)
BATTING PRACTICE PITCHER - Steve Wariner (he knows Nolan Ryan...maybe he can introduce me?)
BULL PEN COACH - Marty Stuart (wanna see him sport the scarf with his uni)
RELIEF PITCHER GOLF CART DRIVER - #LangdonReid (I have found my calling)
Wilson Fairchild
Wilson Fairchild
How are you all doing? We are back in the truck, its a weird time to be alive. The #quarantine is getting real y'all #NoHairCutsForWil. On today's #TruckTime we are going to brave the grocery store and we are bringing you along for the ride. We just wanted to also take a moment to remember a few greats that we have lost Kenny Rogers, Jan Howard, and Joe Diffie .

#LotsHaveChangedInAWeek #TheWorldIsOnPause #NowWeKnowHowTheDVDPlayerFeels
#6ftSeperation #SocialDistancing #DogIsOnlyGoodFor4Walks #NotSmarterThanA7thGrader #HomeschoolingIsNotForUs

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Wilson Fairchild
Wilson Fairchild
Wilson Fairchild
Man, we are missing being on stage with these guys! Who has more footage of us with The Malpass Brothers? #FunTimes #WilsonFarichild
Wilson Fairchild
Wilson Fairchild
We had a blast last night with The Malpass Brothers in Hagerstown, Maryland! #WilsonFairchild #WeSoundGoodTogether #SoMuchFun #DontTouchTheHair #GuitarSwitchUp
Wilson Fairchild
Wilson Fairchild
Hey Y'all! We found this great list that is being updated daily with all the virtual concerts & live streams going on during the pandemic. Take a peek there is something for everyone.
What are you doing to get through?

#WeAreInThisTogether #CovidCantGetUsDown #StayingInsideIsHarderThanItLooks #WilsonFairchild
Wilson Fairchild
Wilson Fairchild
What is your favorite Amazon Music channel? We are looking for recommendations! #NeedSomethingNewToListenTo #COVIDCoopedUp #MusicKeepsUsHappy #WilsonFairchild