Happy Birthday America – Facebook Live
July 4, 2020
7:00 pm
Online - Facebook Live only

We are so excited to be performing the annual 4th of July show this year, but it will be a VIRTUAL SHOW in Staunton, VA on July 4th, 2020 for the Happy Birthday America 2-day celebration! Yes, this year is different. We will be going live on FACEBOOK LIVE on the night of the 4th at 7:00 pm Eastern. It’s simple: just go to either WILSON FAIRCHILD Facebook page or HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA Facebook page, make sure you “like” both of them to receive updates, and once you’re watching the show that night, be sure to share it to your personal page or your business page. So there’s no in-person live show this year…everything is on Facebook. Find out even more and up-to-date info and schedules at HappyBirthdayAmerica.org.