The CD You’ve Been Waiting For…

Wil & Langdon have brought a refreshing new appeal to some songs of the Statlers from long ago. They chose nine songs their dads (Harold & Don Reid) co-wrote over the years and presented them with a front porch, rootsy, acoustic charm.

Also included is their self-penned tribute song to the double Hall of Fame quartet, ‘The Statler Brothers Song.’ They also had a few special guests join them on some of these! You better go ahead and buy two because you are sure to wear the first one out!

Track list:

  1. Left Handed Woman
  2. I’ll Even Love You (Better Than I Did Then)
  3. How Are Things in Clay, Kentucky?
  4. She’s Too Good
  5. Second Thoughts
  6. Some I Wrote
  7. Guilty
  8. A Letter From Shirley Miller
  9. He Went to the Cross Loving You
  10. The Statler Brothers Song